Oil prices on the rise

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Below is the link to a story up on infowars.com.


I fear this is just the begging too. A few days ago it was reported that India (the 6th largest consumer of gas in the world) has been in talks with Iran to drop the dollar as the currency used in their oil purchases. if that does indeed happen, one can only guess on the impact to the buying power of the dollar, other countries following suit, possible war with Iran via economic sabotage. Not to mention the effect we would feel here at home with the dollar not being as strong in the oil markets. it would most likely hike the gas prices here in the states. If that happens you can expect the prices of nearly every thing we consume to go up as well, mainly because our entire shipping industry is based on oil.(IE big rigs going across the states to deliver good, and airlines as well all using gas). below is a link to a related article.



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