Gay Agenda?

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Ok, so… as I was going to bed the other night my mind began to race as it normally does. But instead of the usual non-sense babel, a very interesting question was formulated in my mind…

Is the exposure given to the Homosexual agenda in the media proportional to the actual population of the USA?

if  it was proportional then I guess one could assume that the media was in touch with the populus. but if they are disproportional then that raises some red flags, (at least in my mind).

one needs to ask, why? Is there something deeper going on here?

well this article:

I belive sheds some light on the issue… and although it doesnt have all the answers I was looking for it sure is pointing in the right direction…

So I ask you to ask your self… whats really going on here? why does it seem like the gay agenda is being pushed by the media? what would it’s purpose be? …just some food for thought.



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