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Distraction, why do we seek it? We all do; the pull is strong at times and weak at other. The desire rarely manifests itself in the conscious. If it does it quickly sinks back beneath to the subconscious. What is the need, other than the need to self medicate. we seek it as a form of escape from our reality, which is rarely pleasant, to a place that is much more livable & enjoyable. It takes many, many forms, and subcategories with those. the combinations we can create to distract ourselves is almost endless. It consumes us. reality is a constant, and inescapable. Yet we endlessly try to escape it via distraction. whatever the itch may materialize as at that moment in time. And when the anesthetic wears off, we are reminded of our reality, and we all loath it. the plain fact of it is, this world is Hell. Fallen, hopelessly broken. even with God we are only trying to blind ourselves to the true nature of this place. He too knows this, and it is one of the many reasons He incarnated Himself. To make a better connection to this reality. He knew we would need the hightend level of relationship to sustain ourselves until eternity takes over.  The base pH of this world is brokenness, Even though there are and can be many positive experiences in it. the natural state to witch the world always returns is brokenness. this is what happened when Man fell in Eden. It’s why Adam & Eve fled in terror. They knew, even if only at a subconscious level, that the vary nature of their reality, our reality, changed for the worse. I feel that before the fall, things were the opposite. that the base nature of our reality was positive, not negative. I do believe that the possibility for negative senario and circumstances was present. Chief example being Satan had already fallen. This was a big negative, but it didn’t change the nature of universe. Because this reality ,IE Earth, was made for us. God gave it to us, and before the fall everything was good (The base nature was positive). Then through the deception of Satan and the folly of our own free will, our actions changed the nature of this reality to a negative. It was our doing & because of the laws of free will, God had no choice but to let it occur. He will not impede on our will. What a sad day that must have been for YHWH. In just simply knowing the depth of depravity we had plunged ourselves into. I can see now why this lead Him to send His Son, even unto death. To try and correct the wrong that took place in the Garden. O the depth of our depravity. This choice that separated the natural from the supernatural. Just the fact the the two were separated gives a glimpse of what h append. My soul longs for the day when the polarity of reality will be righted. 

Let me say, that i do believe that negative situations and such where present and aloud before the fall. But it wasn’t sin, our at least sin as we currently know it. Sin defines the polarity of our current reality. we presently live in a fallen world. a world, reality, universe of sin, and that didn’t enter until the fall of Man. I do not know exactly how it was defined, or how it operated. but before the fall , I believe negativity was present. and so it will be once polarity is restored. Because, I believe, this is one of the things that defines the differences between heaven and earth. 

Let me explain…

Before the fall, both Heaven and Earth had a positive polarity. the difference between the two was Earth was a place for discovery, exploration, and risk. These things are not evil, but they do require a level of uncertainty, IE negative attributes. That’s one of the reasons Earth was created. In Heaven no negativity is allowed, ( IE no tears in heaven). So Heaven’s polarity is positive, no negativity allowed. Earth’s polarity positive, and instances of negativity allowed (IE risk). But the base polarity remains positive (the default position of the realities in both plains). Then the fall happens and changes the polarity of Earth to negative. That’s why the natural and supernatural were separated ( how can dark fellowship with the light). Also before the fall of Man, there was the fall of Satan. Why did God send him to earth? Because it was a realm where negativity was aloud to exist. But his(Satan’s) fall didn’t change the polarity of Earth. Not until we fell. So why did the polarity change? Because God created Earth for us, it was our realm. We were given authority over it. Heaven is God’s realm, He created it for Himself. Why is there constant praise of God in heaven? Because it’s His realm. Why are there no Tears in Heaven? Tears are an example of negativity. Negativity is not allowed in Heaven. It’s like when you push two magnets together, they repel each other. In Heaven, a realm of pure positiveness and light, negativity and darkness simply cannot exist. Heaven is God’s plain created by Him for Him, and we are only welcome there through Christ. Christ is God. That’s why the sacrifice is needed. Christ is positive polarity. We, since the fall, are negative polarity. there is no negativity in Heaven. So He became a man and sacrificed Himself for us. He never lost His polarity because He was sinless. This gave us access to Heaven. Only through Him( IE I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.). He switched spots with us. He gave us His positive polarity, and took our negative polarity. This switch can only be enabled through free will. We must choose to switch.

Why didn’t Hell keep Christ down? How could He overcome death? Death is negative, perhaps the ultimate negative, Hell too is negative. It is the exact opposite to Heaven. As in Heaven only positivism can exist in Hell only negativity can exist, only darkness. So Christ taking our negative went there, but because Christ is God, He is positive(perfect, light) thus Hell, death, and Darkness couldn’t hold Him. Just as Heaven and God the Father reject negative, Hell & death reject positive.

So back to us and Earth. why ,after Christ came, didn’t everything go back to normal? Why didn’t this realm change polarity back to positive? God’s plan is multistaged. Stage one, Christ… Christs’ coming to Earth to die for us was about restoring our polarity. When He comes again it’s about restoring Earth’s polarity.Christ came and changed our polarity back to positive( if we so choose). Stage two he comes back to restore Earth’s positive polarity. When he comes again He will clean shop, establish His Kingdom,  and bind Satan for 1,000 years.  This will be 1,000 years of restored polarity to Earth. Earth still remains separated from Heaven, (IE Heaven pure positive no negative, Earth positive with allowance of negative, but base charge remains positive). If it were otherwise (IE both Heaven and Earth positive with no negative) then why have Earth at all? Why not make it all Heaven and get rid of the middle man? that goes much deeper but I believe it has to do with free will, and us being created in the image of God, thus giving us a desire to create and explore. Earth is our realm to do so. also Earth being a realm of the natural (IE physical, physical bodies (IE no marriage in heaven – no physical bodies)).

Back on track, So 1,000 year Kingdom on Earth, restored positive polarity. at the end of which Satan is released on more time to test the free will of man. When he is released I believe that this again switches the polarity back to negative. though I do believe this will be brief. Then God  destroys Earth and creates the new Heaven and Earth, permanently restoring the polarites back to positive.