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First I would like to say welcome! However you may have stumbled onto this blog, I’m glad your here.

If you are wondering what this blog is all about then let me explain.

I’ve decided to start this blog for many reasons:

1. I belive it is abundantly obvious that the current day and age we live in is very scary, and there are alot of people out there that are looking for answers to it all. well, im not claiming that I have to all the answers, but one purposes of this blog will be to discuss everything that is going on. this will be a place where we can all get our ideas out on the table. where we can examine our thoughts about the world around us and try to figure some stuff out.

2. I have noticed that I spend quite alot of time online. I know what you’re all thinking too. No, not all that time consists of trolling Facebook. In fact the main reason I spend so much time online is because it is an absolutely amazing tool. you can have a question about virtually anything and it is almost guaranteed that you can find the answer to your question online. although you might want to make sure that you do some cross referencing to make sure the answer you got is indeed accurate. :p This is good news if you are like me, and have a passion to always be expanding your horizons. Unfortunately the more you know the more questions you have, but then you can go back to the interwebz and find the answer….and if you have an interesting question you can also bring it here where we all can discuss it and help each other find the answer! or at least have a deep logical discussion about the topic.

3. I will be using this blog to post things I think are important. I’m sure that the topics will cover a large area of issues, considering I have a very broad area of interests. But some of the topics that I can think of off the top of my head are:  Politics, Current events, The Word, Prophecy, Missions, Martyrs, Issues of Injustice, ect. As you can see by some of the topics I have already mentioned, I will be posting about issues that are related to “Christianity”(I put that in quotes for a reason, and in a future post I will explain why). the reason is because i am a Christ follower, In fact im proud to say I am his boundservant. If you don’t know what that is then you should go look it up.

4. In my search for answers, I came apon a very persistent and nagging problem. although the internet is a good place to find information on the topics I am interested in. it is very hard to find those answers for and from the “Christian” perspective. this is one of the unfortunate consequence to the current age we live in. so this blog will be used to offer just that. A “Christian” perspective on pretty much anything and everything. Simply because I know im not the only looking for it.

5. Purpose 5 for this blog is because I wish to share with you all the answers I already have, or to use the gifts the Lord has given me to help lead us to an answer. I’m not trying to brag here or anything but I belive that the Lord has indeed blessed my with wisdom and gifts which He wants me to use to serve his children. not simply so that i can store up knowledge. there is no point to that.  So simply stated this is to become my ministry for the Lord. I hope you all are blessed by it!

DISCLAIMER: This is a ministry that I feel the Lord is leading me to head up, therefore, I will not be meek in it. what I mean by that is I’m going to give it to you straight. I wont do much sugar-coating, and some of the subjects that will be talked about might seem a little out there, but  frankly I don’t care. If it’s important I will post it. If you are part of the “truth” movement you may already know what I’m talking about here.