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Hey guys & gals,

So here we go, this is the first post with any real relevance. While surfing  the web as I normally do I came across some video’s posted on one of my favorite sites… .   anyway I chose to post the links and following videos because i think it will be very insightful about some very pertinent issues. you’ll get what I’m talking about once you watch them.

The radio host is Alex Jones, he is very well-known and respected with in the circles I frequent. IE the “truth” movement. If you have never heard of him perhaps you should check out his stuff. a good place to start is the link above “”

The man Alex is interviewing is Stefan Molyneux. He is a self described philosopher from Canada. I’ve seen a few other projects he was involved in, one I want to mention here is:  . it is a very easy to understand video about the actual nature of the world we live, check it out!

anyway on to the main vids i wanted to share! watch em… tell me what you think…laterz!



ps. here is the link to the Infowars story (it’s the same thing)